The start of the server will be postponed. Sorry

Hello dear players with the L2RedRiver team, I would like to apologize to you, today we will not start, we have a problem with the server machine,

and a lot of servers are starting during this period, so wait for new information. A lot will also change in the gameplay will also be given new information. Thank you for understanding.

Official Start 23.07.2021 18:00 CET!!!

Beta tests are coming to an end, thank you to all players who helped us create the server.

We decided to open the server on 07/23/2021 Friday at 18:00 CET, remember about it! I invite everyone to help with advertising so that it is as online as possible to start with.

Today 18.06.2021 Start Beta!!!

Hello, as we announced today, the beta tests are starting, you can log in, for each new character in the inventory there is a donate coin, you can buy items. We invite you to test and report problems on the server discord, thanks to you we will create something special, we are convinced of it.

Download a beta patch !!! Auto Create Acoount's! Beta Patch

New Season L2RedRiver join to discord for beta account!


Hello dear, after many difficulties, we decided to create the server in the second season. We invite you for more information, also about our beta test account. We will conduct thorough tests towards balance, the gameplay will be changed, now it will be less farm more fun for you dear players.

Clan Gift Event and Reward!!!


We are glad to announce Upcoming Clan Event in the server.

Have at least 10 unique players in your clan and visit Jurek In Town of Giran and claim your reward.

Bring your clan and alliances and get reward [ Clan lv-8 & clan skills] Register Clan

Server start 22.05.2021 19:00 GMT+2!!!

L2RedRiverHello dear players, we decided to open the Server on 22/05/2021 at 19:00 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2.

DiscordServerWe invite you to register on the server forum and join the discord server Discord Link


Hello Players!

We will announce the official launch date soon

Finally, after months of hard work and many sleepless nights we are ready! This is not just a new season, it is a new server. Most of the Server features has been remade and upgraded to be above Lineage 2 community standard, You will find features that were not seen before and experience real gameplay like never before. This is must try server for any L2 fan.

Following Events will be awaiting for you in the server:

Weekly Clan Ranking: 225 worth of prize pool* Rewarded each Sunday at 21:00 GMT +2 for Top 3 clans